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Kitchen Space

Who is it for?

This kitchen serves its name well. A spacious kitchen with a curved central island on two levels which can be used as a worktop and dining table.
It has a youthful and contemporary design, the position of the island shows off style and importance. Innovative materials and contrasting colours make it an exclusive contemporary kitchen.


Equipped with a large counter which creates an area of storage space greater than normal. By cleverly exploiting the deep corner we can create a dispenser with extra volume. The two level island is also a container and its ergonomic shape facilitates easy movement and accompanies the curved kitchen wall. We have the ability to insert additional worktops on different levels or decorative wall shelves or decorative panels in pure Midarte style.

Make it personal

The choice of colours and materials is always at your discretion. If the space does not allow the presence of a central island it is possible to design a smaller peninsula solution to fit the space while maintaining a similar storage capacity. In this case contemporary style can give way to a more classical solution with lighter colours and precious woods. If it is difficult to imagine this kitchen in your home, let us make it easier by showing you with designs.


A focal and important furnishing which brings the kitchen together


The two level counter offers comfort and functionality


We create more space and room in your kitchen by taking advantage of every corner

Possible solutions

More information

If the central island with its unique and unique form denotes the modern style of the kitchen, you can choose the colours and highest quality materials that best fit your personal taste and choose the best home appliances on the market.

We can design and plan your kitchen SPACE to harmonise with the style of your home or we can create an exclusive open space with one of our living rooms. You can see the results of your choices step by step in the design phase to make the best decision. A kitchen like this is forever.

Enquire for your personalised project

    Send us your enquiries regarding future projects and we will contact you to make an appointment.

    A Midarte kitchen is always custom made making it special and one of a kind.

    Talking to us and sharing your needs will help to make it more personal and give you something which is “completely yours”.

    Sarah, Davide, Marco