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Living rooms

The living room is the perfect room to welcome your guests. If you are looking for a surprising and unique solution, let Midarte design your living room and realize it in classic or modern style.

The fitted wall and cabinets can make all the difference. It must be functional, expansive and at the same time beautiful to look at. The living room is a place of comfort, relaxation and love.

Let’s create your dream living room together

Curved furniture has the advantage of harmonizing with any environment and offering you more capacity than traditional furniture without sacrificing innovative aesthetics. Curves also have the ability to relax and make spaces more fluid. Midarte completes your lounge with exclusive bookcases and sofas.

Sarah, Davide and Marco Arosio are waiting for you in their design studio in Lissone (Monza and Brianza) to design the living room you want for your home, accompanying you every step of the way.

Want to find the right style for your home? It all begins in the living room!

I want to design my livingroom!

Living Room Solt

Living Room Centro

Living Room Lissone

Living Room Sinual Classic

Living Room Verona

Living Room Bergamo

Living Room Crema

Living Room Soave

Living Room Sasso

Enquire for your personalised project

Send us your enquiries regarding future projects and we will contact you to make an appointment.

A Midarte living room is always custom made making it special and one of a kind.

Talking to us and sharing your needs will help to make it more personal and give you something which is “completely yours”.

Sarah, Davide, Marco