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Walk-in wardrobes

Worried that you don’t have enough space for a walk-in wardrobe? We can find it for you. How much can a standard wardrobe hold and how much can a tailored made wardrobe hold? The answer is easy!!! Understanding the size of a room is essential to Midarte when designing it. Being able to harmonize the sleeping area and storage area together without sacrificing comfort is our utmost priority.

We are able to design and produce custom made walk-in wardrobes with corner units in linear or sinuous shapes which can also be adapted to smaller habitats.

Dreaming of
a walk-in?

Midarte designs the closet according to the size of your bedroom, helping you choose the right and most practical solution for your needs. Design your own walk-in wardrobe with us, creating an environment that suits your everyday life.

Sarah, Marco and Davide Arosio have made countless walk-in wardrobes for homes of all sizes and rooms of every height. Come to Lissone and see how we can transform your living area into something of dreams.

Design my walk-in!

Walk-in Wardrobe Smart Cab

Walk-in Wardrobe Round Cab

Walk-in Wardrobe Double Cab

Enquire for your personalised project

Send us your enquiries regarding future projects and we will contact you to make an appointment.

A Midarte walk-in wardrobe is always custom made making it special and one of a kind.

Talking to us and sharing your needs will help to make it more personal and give you something which is “completely yours”.

Sarah, Davide, Marco