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The bathroom must meet the needs of the whole family and we all know each member has different desires. Some want a space to relax, others look for the right energy to kick start the day. Ironically, furnishing your bathroom is often one of the last things you think about when you buy a home. Midarte finds the best solutions to your needs through bathroom furniture. We design tailor-made bathrooms and if we plan your bathroom from the beginning, we can also install it.

Modern custom made solutions

The trend in recent years is to design modern solutions for the entire home. A Midarte bathroom using our unique style and curved furnishings is able to follow the contours of each washbasin and utensil finding and creating space where you did not expect to find it. We only choose materials of the highest quality to make sure your bathroom stands the test of time.

Come and discover in our Lissone showroom the proposals of Sarah, Marco and Davide Arosio for a modern, functional and beautifully designed bathroom for your family.

Design my bathroom!

Bathroom Tower

Bathroom Tatami

Bathroom Fusion

Bathroom Parè

Bathroom Square

Bathroom Hella

Bathroom Fagiolo

Bathroom Lavadora

Enquire for your personalised project

Send us your enquiries regarding future projects and we will contact you to make an appointment.

A Midarte bathroom is always custom made making it special and one of a kind.

Talking to us and sharing your needs will help to make it more personal and give you something which is “completely yours”.

Sarah, Davide, Marco