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A wall clock just like a painting can furnish a room. When the clock is a work of art, it changes the status of the room to unique. Imagine a designer clock, designed especially for you by Midarte on your living room wall.

When a clock represents more than time

Like a painting must complete the room it is in, we give the same importance to our designer clocks. They have the ability to dictate the style of a room.

Your walls will change appearance; the whole environment will feel its presence. Midarte wall clocks are designed to make your home look spectacular in modern and classic styles.

Midarte wall clocks have the unmistakable sinuous feel and style which characterises the company. Contemporary clocks made with the artisan skills of four generations.

Sarah, David and Marco Arosio are waiting for you in their design studio to introduce you to Midarte Design Clocks and find the perfect time piece for your living room or kitchen. A small touch of art with an enormous effect.

Discover midarte clocks!

Clock Samada Tech

Clock Samada Natural

Clock Essential Dark

Clock Samada Silver

Clock Samada Contrast

Clock Essential Maple

Clock Samada Gold

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Sarah, Davide e Marco