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Are you looking for the perfect kitchen? Midarte can design your kitchen for you in classic or modern style. Are you looking for something to fit a small space, an attic apartment, an open-space or own a particular house? Midarte has the solution for you, we can design and realise your dream with curves.

Our custom kitchens create space

For over thirty years we have been studying curved furniture that fits all spaces and identifies the style of your home.

In our showroom at Lissone in Monza and Brianza, Sarah, Davide and Marco Arosio have the solution to serve all the space requirements in your home. Maybe your dream is to have a kitchen with a peninsula but don’t enough space? We can create stylish, functional kitchens to achieve those dreams and so much more. Let our designs light up your home.

Design my kitchen!

Kitchen Snake

Kitchen Avvolgente

Kitchen Cinzia

Kitchen Polly

Kitchen Space

Kitchen Goccia

Kitchen Doppia Altezza

Kitchen History

Kitchen Sahara

Enquire for your personalised project

Send us your enquiries regarding future projects and we will contact you to make an appointment.

A Midarte kitchen is always custom made making it special and one of a kind.

Talking to us and sharing your needs will help to make it more personal and give you something which is “completely yours”.

Sarah, Davide, Marco