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Midarte designs and manufactures tailored curved furnishings and furniture accessories which are both seductive and enduring.

Midarte combines craftsmanship and innovation with talent, flair and love for detail.

With 4 generations of experience in the furniture sector Midarte creates unique and high quality furnishings thanks to the mastery of experienced artisans combined with avant-garde technology.
We produce timeless furnishings and accessories which also challenge the current trends thanks to our belief that elegance and extreme functionality are fundamental.
Our creations are nurtured and scrupulously followed in our production headquarters in Monza and Brianza (world leader in furniture design) stamping our “personal touch” on everything.

Curved furnishings mean sinuousness, wraparound furniture and ample storage spaces whilst using the finest materials available and expert craftsmanship.

Beauty belongs in your house.

What our clients say

“We completely refurnished our house with Midarte and are more than satisfied for the quality and professionalism shown.
Their designs are unique and easily distinguishable and we fell in love immediately.
Midarte will be our future choice too!”

Gianluca PiazzaSettembre 2017, Google

“Midarte was our choice to refurnish 3 of our family homes: step by step our project was handle with love and professionalism. All the furniture is unique and custom made, the project were also finished in the scheduled time.
They have always delivered what we ask and so much more.”

Carlotta ChiappaSettembre 2017, Google

“Midarte recently refurnished our kitchen and we are more than happy with the results. The Arosio family was always present following the installation and restructuring. Our kitchen is beautiful and unique in every way. The rounded style of the kitchen has created a wonderful charm while creating more space than before. We love our kitchen! and will return for future projects. Thanks once again to Davide and the staff.”

Marilena BertainaSettembre 2017, Google

“Our walk-in wardrobe created by Midarte is marvellous, spacious and functional. Together we created a unique space with a make-up area annexed to it. They are very professional and cater to all your needs. Their furnishings are unique in every aspect and respected the times of delivery.
I will use again in the future.”

Milena MartiniSettembre 2017, Google

“I am extremely happy with the quality, the design, professionalism and seriousness of the team.
I have no hesitation in using them again.”

Erlaine CarvalhoSettembre 2017, Google

“I furnished my new house with Midarte. I first met Midarte at the “L’Artigiano in Fiera” in Milan and was captivated by their style and ideas. Their designs are harmonious and intimate. Their kitchen and walk-in wardrobes capture all the space possible giving you maximum potential of the area. They listened to my ideas too and I felt they projected everything to my needs. The staff is always there for you and very professional. Great personal service, I recommend them.”

Francesca GhibaudoAgosto 2017, Facebook

“My expectations were more than matched with my new kitchen. Delivery on time and great advice on colours and accessories.
Thanks Davide!”

Mary VettoriAgosto 2017, Google

“We saw Midarte for the first time at the “L’Artigiano in Fiera” in Milan and we immediately chose them to design our bedroom.
Wonderful project, professional and serious staff and delivered on time!”

Danilo CaldiAgosto 2017, Google

“We chose Davide to design and project the best solution for our bedroom and never let down from start to finish. Not the first time we have used Midarte and it won’t be the last.
Compliments to the team again!”

Claudio LeviAgosto 2017, Google

“We discovered Midarte at “L’Artigiano in Fiera” in Milan.
They were able to meet our needs and utilize the maximum space available.
Unique furnishings with great service and cordiality.”

Sonja MarinoniAgosto 2017, Google

“I recently commissioned a kitchen and living room from Midarte. Their seriousness and professionalism down to the last detail was greatly appreciated.
The result is a unique living space which is complimented on by all who enter the house.”

Cristina BonalumiAgosto 2017, Google

“I returned to Midarte to refurnish a room in my house after doing my living room. My friends and family compliment the rooms every time and this adds to my own love for them. Midarte is a professional and serious company which does a great job. A particular thanks to Davide. Try them and you will see.”

Maria CiraficiAgosto 2017, Google

“Realizzato con loro cucina e soggiorno, lavoro eccellente e nessun tipo di problema. Seguono ogni direttiva del cliente e cercano sempre di aiutare e proporre nuove prospettive. Rispettano le scadenze che vengono pattuite e sono sempre pronti a rispondere a qualsiasi domanda. Al momento della consegna abbiamo avuto un piccolo problema col tavolo prontamente risolto con professionalità e serietà. Un'azienda con cui è stato un piacere avere a che fare.”

Giacomo Peter FusiMaggio 2017, Facebook

“My brother and I turned to Marco and Sarah after discovering them at the “Expo for Homes” in Turin to refurnish our home.
Their products had an immediate impact on us and we appreciated their availability and professionalism. They were on hand to suggest new possibilities and always catered to our needs.
More than happy with the final result.”

Alessandro ChiadesGennaio 2017, Facebook

“This is the second time I have commissioned Midarte for help.
In both occasions Midarte demonstrated total professionalism, unique craftsmanship and unparalleled availability.
The use of excellent materials and the exceptional staff which work in the company combine wonderfully to leave you with the perfect solution for your home and satisfied as a client.”

Marco PitzalisMaggio 2016, Facebook